The Big Idea

The goal is to make it as simple as possible to incorporate the compression technology of Monkey's Audio into other software. The Monkey's Audio SDK allows you to easily compress, decompress, verify, and convert whole files. It can also perform more complex actions like on-the-fly encoding, decompression (the SDK manages all buffering so you don't have to), analyzing APE files, and APE tagging.

The source code for all compression, decompress, and tagging is also freely available and included in the SDK.

The Evil Legal Stuff

Just to be clear, you'll have to agree and comply to all of the terms of the license agreement to use Monkey's Audio in your own product.

How Can I Get Help

You can send email to the address listed here, although I can't promise a reply. Monkey's Audio gets more usage, and unfortunately more email than I can reliably service.

On To The Actual SDK

Currently the SDK is comprised of a few examples illustrating the usage of the MAC library to compress, decompress, and analyze files. Normally it's easiest to build and link to MACLib.lib if you use C++. If you use another language, you can do dynamic linking to MACDll.dll.

The SDK includes projects for Microsoft Visual Studio on Windows and Xcode on OSX. It works with 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. It is also possible to compile the code under less common operating systems, although it might require a little work by hand (look to numerous open-source projects that have done this for help).

Here's the latest version of the SDK:
Monkey's Audio 4.33 SDK (with source code)