Programs that support Monkey's Audio

  • Media Center: the best player and secure ripper around, with seamless APE support
  • foobar2000: a simple yet powerful audio player
  • Exact Audio Copy (EAC): the best ripper around...guaranteed perfect rip... come on, you owe it to yourself
  • dBPowerAMP Music Converter: great tool for converting to and from a ton of formats (including APE)
  • Winamp: the player that needs no introduction
  • Easy CD-DA Extractor: an excellent CD ripper (and more) with Monkey's Audio support
  • Audacious Media Player: a popular open source audio player
  • fre:ac: a great program for converting audio written by a great guy that's been a huge help (it works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD).

Lossless audio compression sites

Sites that list Monkey's Audio